What documents are required to rent a car?


      - A valid clean driving licence with two years driving experience.

      - A credit card.

  • Who may drive?


      - Named drivers

      - Drivers have to be twenty five years old, have a clean driving licence and have two years driving experience.

  • How am I insured?


      All Percius rental cars are insured on a comprehensive basis, meaning that our insurers will cover the expenses on both our vehicle and any third party damages. An excess may apply; kindly ask before signing agreement.

  • When am I not insured?


      A driver will not be covered by insurance in the following circumstances:

      - If person not named on the rental agreement as a main or additional driver;

      - If car is stolen and driver is unable to return the original keys;

      - If driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

      - If driver not in possession of a current valid driving licence, free from endorsements;

      - If driver is under the age of 25;

      - If driver has, within the past five years been convicted of any offence in connection with a motor vehicle with the exception of parking offences;

      - If insurance company has declined to accept, or refused to renew insurance in his name, or imposed special conditions or required an increased premium in connection with motor vehicle;

      - If the driver or additional driver have given us false information as to identity or driving experience.

      - If driver suffers from any physical infirmity or defective vision or hearing.

  • What am I to do in case of Accident or Theft?


      - In case of theft either from the vehicle or of the vehicle itself, then the police and our office should be immediately notified.

      - If car involved in a traffic accident, should it be a front to rear collision and there are no injuries, then the local wardens are to be contacted. A form is provided in the vehicle which should be signed by both parties. Also, please inform our office. DO NOT move the car and DO NOT accept liability. If the accident is not front to rear, then the police and our offices should be informed. DO NOT move the car until the police arrive on the scene to draw a sketch and NEVER accept liability. Non adherence to above will mean that the driver will be personally liable to ALL damages.

  • What do I do in case of traffic fines?


      All traffic fines are the responsibility of the driver and should be settled immediately. If not, then the driver should hand over the money to the office as otherwise we will charge an administration fee.

  • What do I do if car breaks down?


      In case of mechanical failure, then our breakdown service company is to be contacted.

  • How can I book a taxi service?


      Booking for taxi service can be done either by phone or by email. It is strongly advisable to book by email as we acknowledge all reservations. Early bookings are recommended.

  • I am going abroad and need a taxi in the early hours, can I book through Percius?


      Yes, if you book early enough, Percius operates on a 24 / 7 basis. We operate on ALL days of the year, even on public or national holidays.
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