About Us

At Percius we aim to offer you a service which is second to none. Our services comprise of Chauffeur Drive Service, Car Hire, Leasing and Wedding Service. You can put your mind at rest that we will offer you an excellent experience, whichever service you choose. Our success lies in our personalised, efficient and reliable service which we offer at an affordable price.

Our Inception

Percius Car Hire Limited was established more than 90 years ago by our late father, Louis. Our grandfather was also in the transport business, however instead of cars, he made use of horse-drawn carriages. Our father followed in his father’s footsteps, but in the mid-1920’s, he purchased his first motor car. Back then, he was one of the lucky few to own one.

Developments throughout the Years

Over the years, the business developed. The main clients were the village doctor, the parish priest, the aristocrats of those days - going to the theatre in style, the Majjistra (midwife) and emergency calls to the hospital. With the coming of the War, the trend changed and the main clients became the British Services. In 1940 the Law Courts were moved to Balzan and consequently the Magistrates and Judges were added to our list of clients. We are the third generation to take over this family business which has been ingrained into the roots of this family.

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